When selling, your goal is to get the best offer.

The key factor for a is a marketing plan. I develop a customized marketing campaign for each property I sell, based on demographics and property-type.

What You Have To Offer

Identifying what makes your home awesome (and not) is the first step in putting your property in the market. What makes your property special? Location –  proximity to schools – proximity to transit – yards – balconies? What might turn a buyer off? How could you counter those turn-offs?

Scope Out The Competition

What else is out there? I spend a lot of time studying other comparable properties, looking not just at other properties in the same building or neighborhood, but at other similar properties that your potential target market could consider. Remember, pricing is crucial!

Knowing Your Target Market

Taking the time to figure out your target market is probably the most important step in listing your home. Who would be most interested? Who would give you the best deal? The design of your marketing materials, how you market the property, whether you should have an open house or not –  it’s all dependent on your target market.

Getting Ready For Your Close-up

You want to present your property at its best. Before we take pictures, videos, and do our opens, I’ll help you make sure that your home is nice and shiny, walking you through the process and recommending any necessary help (cleaners, stagers, etc.)

Time to Shine

I’ve got this! You’ve done your part. Your home will be in the spotlight. I will make sure your property is presented at its best as we start marketing your home aggressively. Some of the ways we can achieve that is by offering:
  • Professional photography & videography
  • Feature sheets
  • Online (social media) and offline marketing (printed materials)

Collect and Select

Once we put your home out there, we will get offers. My job will be to point out the one that will be most beneficial to my sellers and to advise you accordingly, drawing on my years of experience and training.

Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever

This part can be emotional for a lot of people. I will be there until the end to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Dindin Montoya

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